I’m Sarah Gomez. A multi-disciplinary developer&designer, originally from the Dominican Republic, located in Calgary, Canada. Proficient in Web Development, Graphic Design, and Architecture Design.

It was inevitable that I sought a career in design. Any given day, you can find me commenting on the hit or miss of a restaurant's menu design, pointing out the creative genius behind the flawless integration of technologies within a random website, or discussing the importance of conscious design in everything that we do.

Design itself is a process, a discipline, and an artifact. It's everywhere, and in everything, and that speaks to me. This unshakeable notion and mesmerizing revelation drove me to pursue a degree in architecture which developed (see what I did there?) into web development & graphic design.

To design is to create with purpose, whether that is code, a business card, or a chair. Humans seek to create, and I am no different. A painter interprets a bowl of fruit. A composer scrawls notation on a music staff. A web developer rubs her eyes after coding for 9 straight hours.

We shape what we see into what we want.