Big World Little Carryon

Big World Little Carryon is a traveling blog of an American couple who wish to travel the world on their spare time with the least amount of luggage they can both bring. The main objective for this logo design was to be able to encompass their objective behind their blog, which is to “travel as often as they can with as little they can manage”. The presence of a carry-on was an important element that had to be present due to the blog’s iconic name. The first approaches of the logo considered different graphic styles in order to explore the different possibilities of delivering the same message: travel light, travel everywhere.

Initial logo design - Traveling logos Final stages of logo design - Traveling logo Final traveling logo

Technologies Used

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<typography='CODE BOLD / Ammys Handwriting'>

Big World Little Carryon project typography - Code Bold


Big World Little carry-on logo


Big World Little carry-on  project color palette