Jet Hydrovac

Jet Hydrovac is a hydro-excavation company in Calgary that needed to redesign and restructure their current website. The challenge of this design was to work with the small amount of content and resources that was already on their existing website and arrange it in a palatable arrangement in which the user could navigate through their content more easily. The main concept for this design is easy access, understanding the company’s general idea in order to increase client conversion rate. The use of a lead form both in the header and footer seeks to help this specific goal. This project was done while working for Matterhorn Solutions, in collaboration with Roxann Corpuz, who was in charge of the development. "

Header Call To Action form strategy for client conversions.
Image Gallery integration.
Expandable section with modular divs to showcase all different services.
Jet Hydrovac website design mockup

Technologies Used

Adobe Photoshop Icon Adobe Illustrator Icon Invision Icon