tinilista App

Personal project exploring the concept of hybrid apps (applications created with web technologies - html, css, and js - later compiled into functioning mobile apps). This project also explores the usage web storage API localStorage() to store and retrieve data stored temporarily on the browser; making this a flexible and tiny list app (tinilista) where you can store small to dos and safe for later!

tiniLista app design mockup

Technologies Used

HTML5 Icon CSS3 Icon JS Icon Adobe Photoshop Icon Adobe Illustrator Icon

Technical Challenges

Understand how we can use javascript to store information as opposed to using server-side languages (PHP) to use cookies or sessions in order to be able to compile the work into a hybrid app using Apache Cordova (hybrid apps are built using HTML, CSS, and js).

See the Pen To-do list by saraconache (@saraconache) on CodePen.

<article id='basicmarkup'</article>

Each item in the tiniLista is made up of a general unordered list with separate list items inside an overflowing div (for when the list grows).

#styles{display: block;}

Lists tend to be very boring. The dashes are done with the 'before' pseudo-element to style it so that it looks more like a real handwritten list.

var title = 'javascript rocks';

Adding event listeners to toggle classes in order to give the appearance of struck out items that are done with the list, as well as the ability to clear out the data (total amount of items from the list in just a click.)

<typography='Caveat & Major Mono Display'>

tiniLista project typography - Caveat tiniLista project typography - Major Mono Display


tiniLista logo design


tiniLista project color palette